The foundation of Legacy High School is to provide comprehensive, individualized, science-based education for our students to achieve their full academic and social potential. Legacy High School focuses on developing the appropriate paths of learning to meet the specific individual needs of each child in all areas of functioning. Students gain the academic, social, behavioral, and life skills they need to help them become more independent later in life. Legacy High School uses the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) – an effective, research-based strategy that has been proven to be effective for teaching students with disabilities – as the foundation for how we teach, how we foster our environment for learning, and how we engage our students.
In summary, our academic program consists of:

  • A 10-month school model (August through May),
  • Staff highly qualified and continue to participate in current professional development.
  • A full day program from 8am-4pm.
  • A student to teacher ratio of 8:1.
  • Acceptance of the Family Empowerment Scholarships (FES) scholarships.
  • College Bound, two Pathways:

Standard Pathway

This pathway is recommended for students that plan to attend a community college, trade school, join the military, or enter the workforce after high school.

  • English Language Arts (4 credits)
  • History/Social Studies (4 credits)
  • Mathematics (3 credits)
  • Science (3 credits)
  • Fine Arts (1 credit)
  • Health and P.E. (1 credit)
  • Practical Arts (1 credits)
  • Electives (7 credits)

Total: 24 credits

Honors Pathway

This pathway provides a more rigorous program of study and is recommended for students who plan to apply to competitive four-year colleges.

  • English Language Arts (4 credits)
  • History/Social Studies (4 credits)
  • Mathematics (4 credits)
  • Science (3 credits)
  • Fine Arts (1 credit)
  • Language Other Than English (2 credits)
  • Health and P.E. (1 credit)
  • Practical Arts (1 credits)
  • Electives (6 credits)

Total: 26 credits

College Bound

Our students have the opportunity to go to college through our college bound track. Our dual enrollment program for students to get an AA through our partnership with Liberty University. Students can choose from selection of programs, and during their junior and senior year of high school, they will be enrolled in college courses towards achieving that AA degree


Trade Bound

our online program and working with the community at large in Brevard County, our Trade Program will consist of internships, apprenticeships, and course work towards learning trade skills. Our Trade Program may include course work in career areas such as carpentry, electrician, HVAC, plumber, painter, landscaper, aircraft and avionics equipment mechanic and technicians, construction and building inspector, Dental hygienist, MRI tech, medical sonographer, and more.


Tutoring services can be made available for students in need to supplement our program. Our students have the opportunity to be tutored by peers and professionals. Depending on the needs, 1:1 tutoring can be providing on an occasional basis as part of our program. If tutoring is needed on a more frequest basis, students and parents can contact our administration team to evaluate various options.

For more information on tutoring options, email, and include the subject Tutoring.

Learning Support
Outdoor Programs

Independent Living Skills

Independent Living Skills will be a part of our program from the students first day. Our staff will teach the students in areas such as self-management, social, coping with anxiety and stress, communication, decision making, media and health, healthy relationships, risk-taking and substance abuse, independent living and career planning.

Legacy High School offers courses that may be taken for credit recovery by students who didn’t pass a course on their first attempt. Our courses are designed to find and fill learning gaps to help students earn a passing grade.

Academic Enrichment

Our programs provide our Legacy students the chance to explore their passions and dive deep into a single topic beyond what is typically taught in a school curriculum. Our enrichment programs enable students to realize their potential beyond the classroom. Through educational enrichment programs, students develop a sense of self-awareness and planning for their future as adults. They learn how to positively grow their interests and skills to have a more robust understanding of their potential in their life journeys. For 2022-2023, our Academic Enrichment Program includes:

Physical Education
Home Economics
Life Skills
Career Planning
College Prep
Yearbook Committee

Academic Enrichment
Internships, Apprenticeships, and Student Employment Opportunities

Internships, Apprenticeships, and Student Employment Opportunities

Legacy High School is committed to bringing the best to our students regarding work experience. Internships, apprenticeships, and student employment opportunities will be announced throughout the year for students to apply.

Each student should aspire to do at least 1 internship during their years at Legacy High, strive to complete an apprenticeship for a chosen profession, or seek student employment during the latter part of their enrollment. Each of these experiences provides our students with a unique perspective of the work place, job skills, and adulthood in general.

For more information on these opportunities, email, and include the subject Student Work Experience.

Contact Us.

To contact us, please send email to

Phone Number for Palm Bay is 321-345-0861

Phone Number for Rockledge is 321-609-9007

Phone Number for Legacy High School is 321-345-4232